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We at the Gaslight Melodrama do our best to bring the genre of traditional Melodrama into the 21st Century. While we still encourage you to boo the villain, cheer the hero and awww our sweetheart and all of our productions and characters are way over the top we try to put the melodramatic spin on a wide variety of show from more traditional westerns to modern adaptations and spoofs of some of the most beloved theater, television, radio, and cinematic pieces known.  We've spoofed the wild west, radio drama, King Arthur, space, fantasy, sports, mystery and more.

All of our shows are followed by a Vaudeville Review, a thematic, comedic and musical romp that features song and dance numbers, jokes, and comedic sketches. We feel it's the perfect end to a great outing to the theatre.

Last updated on March 20, 2012 by The Gaslight Melodrama Theatre