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The 1980's harkens back to what many consider to be a simpler time.  It was the days before cell phones, smart phones and the internet.  There was no Amazon, Google or even eBay.  It was a time that if you needed anything, you went to the one place everybody went to get something...  THE MALL!!!  And for The Glimmer Twins, Grace and Graham, their was no cooler place in the mall than Music Land.  If they wanted the newest record or cassette, this was the place to be, for them and all their friends.  But when decency crusader, Tipper Galore, decides to start labeling all the music she doesn't agree with; the evil tycoon, Sam Goody, decides this is his golden opportunity to rid the mall of Music Land for good and make it what he's always wanted it to be...  just clothing stores!  The Glimmer Twins have to move pretty fast if they want to save the mall and the coolest store in it, before it's too late.  With a great soundtrack of classic 80's tunes and a laugh riot every minute, this is one Melodrama you won't want to miss!

May 17th - June 29th




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