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Tarzan has been living peacefully, deep in the African Jungle, with the love of his life, Jane, and his trusted friend, Rakaka, a talking gorilla.  But, when a freak tornado hits the jungle, it whisks the three of them away to a land that they've never seen or heard of before, Tehachapi.  And Tehachapi has certainly never seen anything like them.  Complicating the situation is dimwitted Tehachapi Fish and Game Warden, Callous Clydesdale, who wants to exploit Rakaka as the world's first talking ape, for the benefit of the town.  "The biggest tourist attraction Tehachapi has ever seen!", he boasts.  And when Callous' young daughter, Janice, falls head over heels for Tarzan, the situation only gets more complicated.  Making matters even worse is the presence of Rasputia, the evil Sorceress of the African Jungle.  Will Tarzan be able to save his friend in time?  Will Jane be able to scuttle Janice's advances towards her man?  Will Callous be able to contain Rakaka?  Will Rakaka ever get a hold of his beloved bananas?  Will the three of them ever get home to the jungle?  Will all of them be able to thwart Rasputia's wicked ways?  Find out the answers to these questions in this brand new, Melodrama production!

Sept. 21st - Nov. 10th



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